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More than a pantry: we go above and beyond.

Range of Offerings

Citrus Fruits


Our food pantry services focus on providing immediate relief to those facing food insecurity. We offer a variety of nutritious food options through a client-choice distribution model, allowing individuals to select items that best suit their dietary needs and preferences.


We offer a holistic approach to combating food insecurity through our food pantry services. Our clients have access to a variety of supportive services, housing and employment support, assistance obtaining birth certificates and other documents


We provide more than just food at our food pantry; we offer a comprehensive suite of programs to support our clients in achieving long-term food security. 

Our Approach:

Our organizational strategy places paramount importance on initially meeting the immediate hunger requirements of our clients, subsequently transitioning towards fostering sustainable solutions that empower them towards self-sufficiency.

The inception of The Above and Beyond Free Food Pantry was driven by the mission to provide essential food supplies to community members grappling with food insecurity challenges. While food insecurity denotes the inadequate access to wholesome, nutritious food, our provision of free food serves as a short-term remedy for a longstanding issue within the communities we serve. In recognition of the multifaceted nature of food insecurity, we extend our support beyond mere food provision, offering a diverse array of complimentary programs and services aimed at addressing its underlying causes.

Since the opening of the Above and Beyond Free Food Pantry three years ago, more than  1 million pounds of food has been distributed.

In the 2023, we supplied the equivalent of 603,500 meals to individuals in communities across the city.

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