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Our Partners

The Above and Beyond Food Pantry would not be in operation today without its community partners. Because of them, we are able to serve the communities throughout Chicago with over a million pounds of food in addition to assisting our clients with social services and programs to help them achieve independence. 

Allies in feeding the hungry, and food redistribution.

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What is Food Rescue?

Food rescue is the process of reclaiming perfectly good food that would otherwise end up in landfills and redistributing it to those in need. Thanks to our partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, we work hand in hand with local grocery stores, saving surplus food six days a week. Our refrigerated van ensures the safe transportation of these donations back to our pantry, where they are distributed to individuals and families facing food insecurity. Additionally, we extend our reach by sharing donations with two other pantries in the Garfield Park and Austin neighborhoods twice a week.

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Greater Chicago Food Depository

The Food Depository is part of a united community effort working to bring food, dignity and hope to our Cook County neighbors. They act as the hub for a network of more than 800 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other programs. These programs provide food where it’s most needed. They also address the root causes of hunger. Public benefits outreach and job training programs offer support for our neighbors to overcome poverty.

Helping Hands

Beyond Freshness, Beyond Borders: Partnering with us, our food vendors transcend waste to nourish souls and uplift communities.

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Community Partners

Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center

Family Focus

St. Anthony/Recon

Chicago Commons

Chicago Cares

The Chicago Help Initiative


A Safe Haven

I Am Able

Corporations and Foundations

The Above and Beyond Free Food Pantry is grateful to the following organizations and for investing in our work that addresses both the short and long-term needs of the residents that we serve.

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